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firsts December 8, 2008

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today, i roasted a chicken with vegetables for the first time.  i’m sure that most of my home-grown mennonite friends and all others who embrace simple living have a difficult time grasping that i’ve been living on my own for more than ten years and have never roasted a chicken, but the frozen breasts always seemed so much easier!  in my ongoing quest to become proficient in all things domestic, though, i gave it a try, with pretty acceptable results.  and now we have leftovers and a carcass with which to make our own broth.

this evening, alex ate avocado for the first time.  she liked it! she’s tried a few things, but i haven’t been giving her solids on a daily basis yet, since  a lot of “experts” recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months (and also because it’s easier to put it off, especially when i’m working all day).  i’d be interested in knowing how long most of you loyal readers who also happen to be parents waited to introduce other foods.

two days ago, alex’s first tooth became visible!  she’s also becoming more independent, and decided to hold her bottle by herself at allison’s this week. (she doesn’t use a bottle when she’s with me, so i’m not sure if i’ll actually get to see that.)  i keep feeling like we’re in such a sweet, sweet stage with her.  she constantly interacts with us and expresses her opinion about things, and is usually so happy.  but she’s also not super-mobile yet, so life is still pretty easy.`

with that, we wish you all a good night.


7 Responses to “firsts”

  1. yum… carcass… 😛

    sorry, just givin’ you a hard time about that. 🙂


  2. Carol Nowlin Says:

    First of all, Alex is breathtakingly beautiful. She really is. I’m glad you are able to enjoy this stage of life with her in the midst of what I am sure are many stressors and lots of sleep deprivation.

    We introduced food to Sylvie at four months because the pediatrician thought it might help her reflux and because she was very avidly grabbing at our food and cups and trying to put it all in her mouth. It does seem to have made a huge difference in the reflux. She also loves to eat anything we give her. I’ve started with all vegetables and plan to stick with those mostly for a long time, since fruits are way easier. Also, it is very easy (and often cheaper) to make your own baby food by steaming your veggies and pureeing them or putting them through a baby food mill with water. Mashing up bananas or avocados works too!

  3. priscilla Says:

    congrats on roasting the chicken! i swear, there is nothing that tastes better than a slow-roasted piece of meat. 🙂

  4. jenny Says:

    i love roasting chickens! its something i just got good at in the last year or so. that was one of my new years resolutions actually!

    anyways both my kids were like 6-7 months old before they had some food. well unless you count my dad giving them ice cream behind our backs. yeah that went over really well…

  5. jenny Says:

    oh and do you know about


    LOVE that site!

  6. sj Says:

    Matthew will be pleased to hear she likes avocados, he loves the things! We’ve already had several conversations about my lack of appreciation for them (including a taste test just to prove it 😉

  7. Lisa Says:

    I’m quite impressed with your Chicken roasting! I consider myself a good Mennonite, and even a pretty good cook–but I’ve never roasted a whole chicken!

    I tried to introduce solids to Ben at 5 months like we did with the first two kids, but at 8 months now he’s still not terribly interested. Kids are just different. But if Alex liked the avacodos, keep going with it!

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