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saturday mornings November 29, 2008

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it’s one of those rare mornings in which alex and daniel are both still sleeping, and i am completely free to sit on the couch with my second cup of coffee, stumbling across all kinds of interesting things on the internet.  this time, while looking for patterns and ideas for handmade christmas gifts that are actually useful and not cheesy, i found an entire circle of “liberal mormon” blogs by mormons who care about their faith, and also care about social justice and the environment and intellect.  so intriguing.  actually, they read like many of my friends’ blogs, except that most of my friends (and myself) believe that Jesus is God, and not just our “elder brother.”  anyway, living in the midwest i’ve had little exposure to mormon culture, but i have found that mormon housewives have all kinds of ideas for frugal, creative living – which i will be needing in two short weeks!

i’m getting really excited about the transition to being at home.  the great thing is that it’s a decision both daniel and i feel a deep peace about, and  it’s clear to us in a lot of ways that for now, this is the best decision for our family.  so, here are a few things i’m hoping to accomplish.  any tips from those of you who are doing these things are welcomed and requested!

1. plan and cook weekly menus that are healthy, tasty and economical.
2. plant a garden in the spring and actually maintain it.
3. keep our house clean.
4. cultivate relationships with other women and provide alex with healthy peer interaction.
5. master the art of cloth diapering.

and, with that, baby is awake! happy weekend!


One Response to “saturday mornings”

  1. Amanda Says: It’s an awesome website that helps you make a daily schedule and keep your house clean and welcoming. I love it! Hope ya’ll are having a great holiday! 🙂

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