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more playing November 19, 2008

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Photo 15

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it’s the peaceful moments like these that have been a little rare in recent days. if you’re on facebook, or see me on a regular basis, you probably know that i resigned from my job last week to stay at home with alex. my last day is december 11. it has nothing to do with the job itself – i love my coworkers and clients and the actual work. and it has nothing to do with how alex is being cared for by her grandmother and allison – we have the best alternative caregivers ever. but it has everything to do with the fact that on work days, i’ve been lucky to have 2-3 hours with her being awake, and the fact that every time i thought i could handle working and being a mom, i would find myself in another emotional upheaval. i always said that i would primarily be at home with my children until they were in school, and somehow i found myself working. the thing is that i can always go back to work, but i can’t get this time with her back, and even though my staying at home is a bit of a risk for us, and a step of faith, it’s one of those gut-level, instinctual decisions that have never failed me in the past. i’m realizing more and more since becoming a parent that you can think and plan and assume you know what your response will be in a situation, but really, it’s a day by day process of surprising yourself with your choices. does that make sense?
anyway, i’m so, so grateful for a husband who is supportive of me being at home, and who works his butt off every day to take care of us, and who is going to be happy to have a house that is a little more clean, and a few more dinners ready when he gets home.
so, if anyone has good connections for private health insurance, let me know!


7 Responses to “more playing”

  1. deb Says:

    I think these pictures are really adorable! I also have sympathy for the tough choice it is to be a stay-at-home mom with your hard-fought-for new degree. But the great thing is that you DO have a choice! That is the essence of feminism. Go boldly!

  2. thatpatti Says:

    amy, good lord alex is one of the most beautiful babies i have EVER seen. and congrats to you!!! we should get together for a playdate once you’re home full-time! 🙂

  3. Moxie Says:

    Wow–that’s huge. I’ll be thinking of you during this transition. Oh, and are you bringing my gorgeous niece out here in January? We’ve got millions of people coming into town to welcome her! Seriously, we’d love to have you come out. And if you’re not working outside the home, there’s no reason to say no, right?

  4. kjames Says:

    alex = beautiful baby.

    congrats on your decision!

  5. jenny Says:

    it makes a great deal of sense! i feel the same way. i love being at home with my kiddos

  6. Angie Says:

    I applaud you on your decision! Staying at home with my kiddos has been the most wonderful experience for me. Bonding with your child comes so much easier. And the benefits of a happy, content, organized home outwieghs the benefits of a double income family! I am so grateful for my husband who has allowed me to stay at home with all our 3 plus one more to come children since day 1!

  7. priscilla Says:

    congratulations. you are making the best decision ever and i don’t think you’ll ever look back! plus it’s a full-time job just watching someone that cute.

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