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October 29, 2008

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so our dear, sweet baby finally got her first illness.  i knew she would get sick eventually, but it’s been a pretty stressful week.  she woke up at 2:30am on monday with a rectal temperature of 102.1. (i never thought i would have the guts to take a rectal temperature, but it really wasn’t too bad.)  so i called the after-hours number for the doctor.  unfortunately, due to an unusual glitch, the doctor didn’t get the message until much later.  so daniel and i put cool washcloths on her forehead, the fever went down a bit, and we had a restless time kind of sleeping for the next few hours.  i called the doctor’s office as soon as they opened and first the nurse said to give alex some motrin and keep an eye on her.  but then our doctor, who was out of town and got the message, called and said to go into the office.  her practice partner found no symptoms aside from the fever, so we were sent to a children’s hospital lab to do some bloodwork to determine if she had a viral or bacterial infection.  a little while after we got home from there, the doctor called and said we needed to come back to the office immediately because alex had an infection in her blood and needed a shot of penicillin.  so, that was scary.  but when we got there, he actually gave her a shot of something called rocephin, and assured me that there was no need to worry – that alex had a bacterial infection that hadn’t settled in one place yet, and that since we caught and treated it, things will be fine.  he described it like this: “it’s like the dog got out of the backyard, but we found it and now we’re bringing it home, so everything will be fine.”  so then we went back today to follow up with our actual doctor (now back in town) and alex got another shot of rocephin, and we were told that she needs to see the doctor every day this week to be on the safe side.  apparently, if it were fifteen years ago, alex would have been hospitalized for her infection.  she was also tested for RSV, which she does not have.  so now we have a little girl who has been around an excess of needles the past two days, and is worn out!  she’s kind of getting back to herself, but a more subdued version.  also, the doctor recommended that she not share caretakers with any other infants for the rest of the week, so that means that daniel and i are adjusting our work schedules to manage without our regular wonderful childcare.  this is further complicated by the fact that i have very litle time to take off, since i used it all up on maternity leave.  sigh.  it would be so much less stressful this week if i weren’t working.  on the other hand, it would be much more stressful if we didn’t have the great health insurance that my job provides.  it would also be much more stressful if i didn’t have a wonderful husband who has been very hands-on with our daughter, and pretty amazing at stepping up and taking care of her on top of all of his responsibilities running a business.

i know that in the grand scheme of sick children, this is just a little blip on the screen.  but i think it gives me a slight bit more empathy for parents whose children are seriously ill.  it is so hard to see your child uncomfortable and sick and sad.


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  1. annette Says:

    I’m sorry Alex is sick.. I feel so bad for her. And you guys. It is tough when little ones are sick, they can’t tell you what’s wrong. Wishing her a speedy recovery and I hope you guys can get some rest too.

  2. jenny Says:

    oh poor alex! (and you guys too) praying for a speedy recovery for sure

  3. Joyce Says:

    I’m sorry Alex is sick. Hope she recovers in time for your birthday!

  4. zf Says:

    I am so glad to hear Alex is doing better. With kids of our own, every time one of them is sick it is just an awful experience for us. I guess we are just like other parents, we worry a lot. What a wake up call these kind of experiences are to us and I’m going to assume, now you. Had something like this happened if and after Obama is elected, we would have socialized medicine and a fast trip to the doctor would not be possible and the ramifications would be horrible. If you are not familiar with socialized medicine, look at Canada, you would not have been to the doctor that morning. Nothing else needs to be said. From your past posts, it I know how important it is to you to have our first African-American president elected on philosophical grounds. I would guess it is pretty apparent now with kids and the realities of the real world, how unimportant philosophical grounds are and how important it is to have a president that lets us Americans make our own decisions instead of having the government make them for us, especially when it is in regard to our families health care. I, like you, work hard for my money and we don’t need a president to “Redistribute” our wealth. We would prefer to spend it on our kids betterment.

  5. amyjoyfox Says:

    I’m not sure who the above comment is from, but this is the second time they have posted, and when I attempt to send a message to the email address provided, it is returned. However, just in case you are a real person and not a spammer, I simply want to say that I respectfully disagree. If Obama’s health plan were in place, our family could afford to have me stay at home with Alex full-time and also afford health care as small business owners. My friends in Canada and Britain are quite happy with their health care, and if we did have universal health care (which isn’t actually what Obama’s plan is), I could have taken her to the ER in the middle of the night instead of waiting until later in the day without worrying about an exorbitant ER copay.
    Also, if our family happened to fall in the small category of people who make over $250,000 a year, I would happily pay a little more in taxes to help ensure that everyone’s kids can have health care and education and food on the table.

  6. the husband Says:

    wow. only the worst type of person would take the news of someone’s ill child to attempt to further their failing political platform.

    whomever you are, “zf” you inspire my pity and a bit of ire.

  7. Sarah Jo Says:

    Amy Joy,
    I hope Alex is feeling better – it doesn’t sound like alot of fun. 😦
    Sarah Jo

  8. thatpatti Says:

    poor sweet bug! so glad she’s getting better…

  9. nikkip Says:

    oh, i’m so sorry! hope she’s feeling better and you get to dress her up in some sort of cute little halloween outfit tomorrow.

    as for the ridiculousness above–you answered quite well, my friend. i’m proud of you in so many ways after reading this post!

  10. z Says:

    hey amy,

    zena writing. i just got scared reading these posts that in some way you may wonder if “zf” was me. it’s not. just so you know 🙂

    poor baby girl…i hope all is better now.


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