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September 14, 2008

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it’s saturday night, and once again i’m surprised at how quickly our idea of a good weekend night has changed.  now i’m thrilled if alex goes to bed early and i can watch a project runway rerun without being interrupted.   good times!  it has been a good day – alex and i went to via colori to see sharon make art and get some lunch from tawd, then came home and took a nap together for a few hours, which was oh so lovely. we woke up just about the time daniel got home from work and took a walk, hung out as a family and overall just had a relaxing evening. also, daniel replaced the broken belt on our dryer, which is awesome in several aspects – we are not always a very handy repair kind of family, so it was cool that we figured out what was wrong with the dryer, and very cool to take it apart, and the coolest that he did all of the heavy work with a smile.

also, i have now met all of the official requirements to be a therapist in the state of ohio. hurrah! wednesday is the big “back-to-work” day. sigh. i’m so glad i have a job that i actually want, but it is still breaking my heart to leave alex.

oh – she has had a few recent milestones. last week she started holding her head up very well during tummy time (it’s taken her awhile – poor girl is in about the 97th percentile for head circumference – it has to be hard to lift a head that big!), and she rolled from her tummy to her back yesterday. i think that was mostly a response to her being annoyed with the dog trying to lick her face while i was busy talking to the guy from the electric company, but she did it! also, she slept for nine hours straight the other night. i think that was a response to the two shots she had earlier in the day, but still, i’m not complaining! she’s getting more smiley by the day, and likes to watch the world. she loves any toy/picture that involves birds, and likes to snuggle. she’s turning out to be a pretty mellow girl, but doesn’t hesitate to complain when she’s tired. (and when she’s in the car seat, but that seems to be getting a bit better this week.)

how are you? tell me!


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  1. erica Says:

    amy — so fun to hear about the ‘day to day’ life! we should talk sometime soon. congrats on alex’s milestones & meeting OH therapist requirements. my internship is off to a slow start, but soon enough things will get moving. love you! say hi to daniel & alex & blaze & sufjan. e

  2. nikkip Says:

    power came on tonight almost as soon as i hung up from talking with you! yay.

    have a great day at work tomorrow!

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