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September 4, 2008

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sarah palin strikes me as a very intelligent, engaging woman. she also has a very attractive family. (with some cool names, too! it’s hard to beat the cuteness of malia and sasha, though.) i have to say, however, that i was pretty disappointed with the republican convention tonight. i’m trying to watch it this week in the name of fairness, and to be open to what everyone has to say. but it seemed that every speaker took every opportunity they had to slam and make jokes about obama, biden and pretty much any prominent democrat. maybe i wasn’t paying enough attention last week, but the only real remarks that i remember being directly about mccain were along the lines of “john mccain is a man who loves his country and has spent a lifetime serving it, but we certainly don’t agree with his platform and politics.” i just had a sense this evening that the republicans were very much on the defense (resulting in offensive attacks), while last week seemed much more positive in tone. is it too much to ask for a respectful presentation of ideas, values and goals instead of personal attacks? certainly, palin and mccain have been under vicious attack by left-wing bloggers – but not by the democratic ticket and their campaign, or by prominent speakers at their convention…

speaking of respectful dialogue, i feel the need to say that although my political position is pretty clear if you read this blog or talk to me about the election, i really am not trying to start arguments or “convert” anyone to my position. i trust that if someone is going to vote, they have thought out their decision. i have many friends who disagree with me politically, and i welcome that. so please, if you love mccain, don’t be afraid to talk about it!

time for bed.


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  1. Sorry to object whole-heartedly… but she doesn’t seem to intelligent to me at all. I mean, she’s against sex education and is pro-abstinence only. How did that work out for her 17-yo pregnant daughter?

    She wants to teach religion as science (ie- creationism in the classroom).

    She believes the founding fathers intended “under god” to be in the pledge. Even though that wasn’t until the 1950s… long after the founding fathers.

    Politically… She wants to make polar bears not endangered anymore. She’s against rights for homosexual couples. She opposes stem cell research (I don’t think she knows it doesn’t have to have anything to do with fetuses).

    I dunno… I think of anyone, this was a poor choice for McCain.


    PS- Hi Amy! How’s Columbus-OH? Oregon’s awesome. We’re in Eugene (100 miles south of Portland), and we love it. Good to keep up with your pursuits (and new baby) on The Internets.

  2. Lara Says:

    I think what she seems is “nice”… “like-able”… more well spoken (when giving a speech) than the current president. I was also dismayed by the negative jabs… I wanted to hear what her dreams for the country are… what she wants to accomplish as vice-president, etc. (Maybe I tuned out by the time she got to this).

    The democrats didn’t have the VP choice to pick at last week during their convention.

    Sarah Palin at her h

  3. Lara Says:


    Sarah Palin at her church in Wasilla…

  4. MommyZabs Says:

    I actually really like SP and John McCain 🙂 No secret there. However, I did wish she did without the jabs at B.O. being a community organizer. I thought that was giving into “politics” and didn’t like it. But other than that I agree with her on just about everything. I do agree that the GOP convention was too negative toward the other side.

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