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alex fought the bottle, and the bottle won September 2, 2008

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sigh. it’s been a quiet day here – my mom left yesterday after several days of visiting, doting on alex, cleaning, doing yardwork, letting daniel and i go on a date, and keeping me company. it was lovely. but now she’s gone, and daniel’s been getting ready for the big skreened anniversary/grand opening of the new store tomorrow night, so alex and i were on our own today. she had her two-month check-up last week – she is 13 pounds, 6 1/2 ounces, at least 24 inches long, and had her first shot. (we only do them one or two at a time at our ped’s office.) the doctor said she needs more tummy time, so we’ve been working on that. she kind of hates it, but at least when she hates it, she’s moving around trying to get out of it. it does help some to prop her on her tummy on the boppy, but then she just kind of lays there. the doctor also said she isn’t too little for the bumbo seat, so we’ve been doing that, too. but our really big accomplishment today was getting her to take a bottle!

i should probably back up a bit. she needs to know how to take a bottle because i am returning to work two weeks from wednesday. i got my ideal job, though, which makes it a little bit easier emotionally. i’ll be working 32 hours a week doing home-based family therapy, and once i get into the swing of it, i should be able to do the paperwork, calls, etc., from home, so that will mean only about 20 hours a week of child care. alex will be watched by my friend allison and by daniel’s mom. so, overall, even though i hate the idea of leaving her she’ll be well cared for, it won’t actually be that many hours, and at least i’ll be doing a job that i like and find to be meaningful. (not to mention that it will utilize my new degree!) so, back to the bottle. when alex was first born, we had to supplement breastfeeding with formula due to some milk production issues that were related to my c-section and the painkillers i was given. at that time, she took a bottle just fine. but by the time she was two weeks old, we were done supplementing. we’ve tried a bottle a few times since then when daniel has watched her, but she refused. so today i decided to bite the bullet and delve into the frozen supply of milk i’ve been stockpiling so that she doesn’t make things miserable for the babysitter. it wasn’t easy, but we did it! i don’t want to give her bottles myself very often in order to prevent breastfeeding confusion, but i’m guessing that if she takes one about every other day for the next two weeks, she should have enough exposure to know what she’s doing when others are caring for her. i’ve also been working on putting her down for naps and bedtime before she is fully asleep. she did much better falling asleep on her own tonight than i expected her to. i will not do “crying it out” with her – i know it works for some people, but it’s not for us. i have found “the no-cry sleep solution” by elizabeth pantley to be very helpful. actually, we haven’t had a lot of major sleep problems. the biggest issue is her fussiness before bed. i also want to break her of the habit of sleeping a lot in my arms, even though it’s my favorite way for us to nap…

anyway, on to broader things. i was hoping to watch the republican convention with a great deal of focus this week in the name of fairness, but tonight was of course pre-empted by tropical storm gustav. thankfully, it seems to be less powerful than was predicted. regarding the convention, i’m hoping it isn’t overshadowed by all of the analysis of sarah palin’s family. i was surprised and intrigued by mccain choosing her last week – dare i say i was even somewhat impressed? now the plot just keeps getting thicker and thicker with her. but regarding news about her daughter, i think this article reflects a lot of common sense and decency.

i must go to sleep now. g’night!


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  1. jenny Says:

    i lived and died by the no cry sleep solution with my son augustine. that boy was rough in that department. i LOVE that book. all of her advice and articles that i’ve read really seem to jive with how we feel on stuff.

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