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August 3, 2008

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so this morning, daniel kept asking me why i was ready for church so early. i think my subconscious was telling me somthing, because about ten minutes before we had to leave, alex spit up on me, (she’s only spit up about four times since birth) then i suddenly found poop all over her back and cute little dress and the blanket we were playing on. now i know that i can give her a complete bath from start to all-dressed-again finished in just about ten minutes, when i need to.


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is it possible we’re turning a corner? i actually had a few hours to myself last night after alex fell asleep to clean and talk to my husband and play word twist, and i’ve gotten some time this morning, too. nice!

also, if you’re in the columbus area, don’t forget to go to the rad dog lunch at pattycake bakery next saturday! tawd’s vegan dogs truly are rad, even if you usually like meat.

funny – i feel like i’m vegan these days because i’ve been scouring labels at the grocery store to avoid food with dairy in it – except that my dinners with daniel usually consist of a large piece of meat over salad, so i’ve actually been eating more meat than ever lately. (he’s doing a low carb diet, and i just want to eat dinner with him, and also have lots of protein) it’s nice, though, to have our late night dinners after alex is asleep.

gotta get ready for church now.


August 1, 2008

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i finally got some pictures uploaded from our other camera. this is my family. i’m a lucky girl.


bedtime question

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pardon me for being so parent-specific, but i’ve been wondering about baby bedtimes lately. when we first brought alex home, i usually tried to put her to bed around ten, because that worked well with our schedule, and seemed to be fine with her.  now, though, at five weeks, i’m wondering if it’s possible to put a baby to bed too early.  her colic seems to be subsiding, but she gets cranky when she’s tired (as we all do) and so i’ve just been putting her to bed after her bath as soon as she seems grumpy, which is turning out to mean she’s going to bed around 8, with the potential to lean towards 7:30.  i suspect that is a just fine time, but i’m curious about the average bedtime for newborns from you, my dear readers.  i know that some older babies go to bed as early as 6:30, but i can’t really see that fitting into our lives very well.  thoughts, anyone?