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swimming in air August 12, 2008

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Originally uploaded by amy joy

our girl’s favorite pastime these days is keeping her legs in constant motion, as evidenced here. also evidenced is one of my favorite baby things, babylegs. these (and the super-cool hand-embellished onesie) are from my dear friend michelle, whose own new daughter was born just a few weeks earlier than alex. we have another pair, too, from my other dear friend erica. look for those in another photo soon.


4 Responses to “swimming in air”

  1. Grandpa Eversole Says:


    Thanks for the nice photos of my granddaughter- keep them coming.

    Grandpa Eversole

  2. nikkip Says:

    wowser! she’s a cute one.

  3. Joy E. Says:

    She really looks like Daniel in the leg warmer photo.
    grandma JOY

  4. annette Says:

    It’s good to see my little sweet bug!
    Will you bring her by soon?

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