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August 9, 2008

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it’s been a lovely, relaxed day. deb got to meet alex, and we spent the morning talking, relaxing and walking to franklin park. after that, it was a late lunch at panera, a visit to daniel’s new office, and then a trip to london to drop deb off at her sisterkris’ house. kris has three beautiful children, and it’s so hard to believe that deb’s baby sister now has babies of her own.

question – has anyone out there tried prefold cloth diapers with g-diaper covers? i have a ton of prefolds, but they haven’t been too effective with the bummis covers that i have for preventing leaks and soiling of covers. i’ve heard that the liners in g-diaper covers do a good job of keeping the actual outer covers clean. i really want to make cloth diapers work, but disposables have been so much easier. i’m also not wanting to do the whole g-diaper system with the flushable liners, because they just aren’t in our budget.

don’t forget to get lunch at rad dog tomorrow in the pattycake parking lot, if you’re in columbus!


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  1. Lisa Says:

    Hi. You don’t know me, but I’m a friend of Deb’s sister, Kris. I’ve been using the cloth/gdiaper combo that you asked about here (Actually, I sewed cloth inserts, but I’m quite sure prefolds would work similarly). So far it’s worked pretty well for us. My son still blows out the sides requiring some spot cleaning, but that often happens with disposables too. This is the only cloth system I’ve tried, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but for what it’s worth, I recommend it.

  2. colts fan Says:

    classic amy: fully cognizant, but consciously idealistic. i love it, even though it’s not my style.

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