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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

August 8, 2008

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alex is asleep, daniel is catching up on a backlog of orders at the office, and i’m here with the dog, waiting for my friend deb‘s flight to arrive from portland. hurrah! she’s getting two for one this weekend, meeting both alex and her newish nephew, malachi. i’ve known deb since i was seven, and i’m super-excited to have some downtime with her tomorrow.

in other news, i had a meeting this morning that resulted in my officially applying for a home-based family therapist position. it’s the same program that i worked for during my internship, and if i get hired, it has the potential to be the ideal situation, including the fact that i could only work 32 hours a week, and a decent portion of those hours could be from home, aside from sessions with clients and meetings. everything is in motion – now i just have to wait for the call scheduling a formal interview. again, prayers would be greatly appreciated. this really is my dream job at this stage in my life. i love the program, it would use and improve my clinical skills, and the flexibility is pretty unbeatable. i also already know and love the supervisors. so. that is that.

we went to ikea on monday so that daniel could get some much-needed furniture for the new skreened office. (it looks great, by the way. you should stop by and say hello!) it was our first trip of any substantial length with alex, and she did very well, all things considered. i carried her around in the sling for hours, and she slept a lot, looked around, and only had some minimal fussing with no major breakdowns. i have to admit, though, that both of us were exhausted when we got home, but that just meant going to bed early and sleeping in. my favorite purchase of the day was a set of the cutest little jungle animal finger puppets i’ve ever seen. now they talk to alex daily in their own little animal voices. yes, i am having too much fun with them. but there were ten(!), and they were only six dollars for the whole set(!).

i must get caught up on pictures. i know that half of you only read this for the photos.


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