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bedtime question August 1, 2008

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pardon me for being so parent-specific, but i’ve been wondering about baby bedtimes lately. when we first brought alex home, i usually tried to put her to bed around ten, because that worked well with our schedule, and seemed to be fine with her.  now, though, at five weeks, i’m wondering if it’s possible to put a baby to bed too early.  her colic seems to be subsiding, but she gets cranky when she’s tired (as we all do) and so i’ve just been putting her to bed after her bath as soon as she seems grumpy, which is turning out to mean she’s going to bed around 8, with the potential to lean towards 7:30.  i suspect that is a just fine time, but i’m curious about the average bedtime for newborns from you, my dear readers.  i know that some older babies go to bed as early as 6:30, but i can’t really see that fitting into our lives very well.  thoughts, anyone?


4 Responses to “bedtime question”

  1. thatpatti Says:

    I would say that at this age you just have to do what makes sense for you guys. Babies this age are generally still up often enough that it’s hard to determine when it’s just a late nap and when it’s bedtime. I remember laying in bed reading with Tate laying next to me at 11:00. He’d already gone to “bed”, but to him it was just another 3 hour nap and needed a late feed.

    I’m maybe not so helpful, but I found with newborns there really is nothing set in stone. You guys just need to figure out what works for you…

  2. Kris Says:

    I’d have to agree. Whatever works. (for the first three months at least…maybe longer)

  3. Amanda Says:

    When we first got home with Owen, his bedtime was around 10:30-11:00. We let him set his own schedule and so bedtime varied widely for a few weeks. But, now that his eating schedule has evened out, I really wanted to get both boys in bed before 9:00, so I start his bedtime routine @ 7:30 and he’s in bed by 8:00 although he may not be asleep by then. We did the same thing with Luke, and now, at age 2 1/2, his bedtime is 8:30.

  4. cris Says:

    Since jeff and I like to go to bed at midnight and get up at 8, we aimed to point our kids in that direction as well. Initially they went to bed at 10 or ll. At 1 1/2 and 3 yrs now their bedtime is at 9pm…probably has been from the time they were one or before. As they dropped naps we bumped their bedtime back, as much as we could and still have them sleep until 8. Doesn’t always work, but nothing ever works all the time.

    During the first year babies will always changing things up just when you think you have a good rhythm down!

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