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the finish line July 31, 2008

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this very moment, i’m sitting in my last master’s class ever.  hurrah!  it feels a little anticlimatic – it’s taken three years, and here we are.  when class is over, i’ll go home and hang out with daniel and the baby, and try to remember that i don’t have to do any homework or go to class next week. i did manage to finish an independent study over the weekend for that last credit hour, with some incredible support from the UD faculty.  i’m not quite done studying, though – now i have to get ready for my licensure exam, which i’ll hopefully be taking at the beginning of september.

so.  that is that.  if you’re a praying kind of person, please pray that i’ll be able to find the perfect job that allows me to actually use these skills i’ve been getting, and also have tremendous flexibility to be with alex.  i think there are a couple of possibilities, it’s just a matter of the details falling together…


2 Responses to “the finish line”

  1. Moxie Says:

    Many congratulations on this accomplishment! I’m so proud of all you’ve done and I can’t wait to see what you do next (besides raise your oh so beautiful daughter).

  2. cris Says:

    amy, as I’ve gone through grad school and had 2 children in the midst of it, childcare has been a major stresser…and yet God has provided, season by season, amazing people who have become family for my children. As I reflect writing this, I am kind of in awe. Congrats on what you have done.

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