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July 10, 2008

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i know that i’m supposed to be sleeping when the baby is sleeping. but if i sleep, when would i have time to play word twist? or to blog?

also, in non-baby news, i have officially turned in my capstone research project – it’s kind of like a master’s thesis, but less demanding. yes, i typed most of it with alex sleeping on my lap, but it was good to be able to think academic thoughts in the midst of counting diapers. i officially have five more class sessions to attend, and then i am finished with graduate school, and you can all call me “master amy.” or would it be “mistress amy”? it’s certainly no “doctor,” and not as life-altering as “mom,” but it’s been a long three years, and i’m glad that there is an end in sight. also, i’m kind of proud that i’m actually making it to the end. (i have to mention here that i could not have done it without the constant support of daniel. seriously, he has spent a lot of evenings waiting for me to get home late over the past few years.)

ok. now it really is time to sleep. sweet dreams!


4 Responses to “”

  1. skreened Says:

    I’m so proud of you amy. You are such an amazing woman.

  2. nikkip Says:

    GOOOOOOOOO, amy!!!!!!!

  3. Ashley Says:


  4. annette Says:

    you are an amazing woman, I couldnt ask for a better wife for my son , a sweet daughter in law and a wonderful mom for my grand daughter, congratulations!

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