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June 4, 2008

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what a long, strange day it’s been.

i spent most of today at the county courthouse for a trial to terminate parental rights on one of my old cases. i spent the morning going over testimony questions with the attorney, and also got to spend some time with the kids on the case, who are doing so very well in their foster/potential adoptive home. this is a case with years and years of history and roller coaster cycles, and it looked like the trial would be pretty intense. so, after taking a break for the weekly doctor’s appointment (see below for more on that) and lunch, i went back to court for the actual trial. when i got there, it turned out that the mother was in the midst of deciding if she was going to keep fighting permanent custody and adoption, or if she was going to agree to the motion. ultimately, she decided that her children need to stay where they are and be adopted. so, i didn’t have to testify. but the whole thing was extremely emotional and difficult, and ultimately good, but now i’m feeling a bit of ennui, and some relief that i’m not a caseworker anymore, and a little bit of missing casework.

but then i heard the news on my drive back from court, and today got so much brighter because it looks like yes, we really can get the democratic race behind us, and move on to fight the national campaign to get obama in office. history is being made in so many ways with this election, and i can feel my political energy returning. yay!

moving on, for those of you who only read this to get baby updates, nothing much has really changed in the past week. no more dilation or effacing, and my incredibly humongous feet are not a concern, just an annoyance. also, the doctor suggested that i take benadryl to help me get to sleep at night, so i’m guessing i looked pretty tired.  finally, is it really culturally acceptable for total strangers to touch your belly?  does this happen to everyone?


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  1. Joyce Says:

    Whether or not it is culturally acceptable, belly touching happens. But it probably isn’t a good idea for you to comment back on that person’s belly (or eczema, or bad hair, etc.) It’s just a way that person is seeking a connection with you, and pregnancy and babies are something most of the population have in common.

    By the way, are we ready for these babies or what?? I was 37 weeks yesterday, and I want my body back!

  2. Ashley Says:

    According to my psych of women class pregnant bellies are public domain along with any other advice/stories they want to tell you.

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