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another first (warning, political opinions included…) March 5, 2008

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it’s a big day for the women in the fox household – i voted in my first-ever primary election, and baby girl joined me for her first political action while in utero.  hurrah for democracy!  i’m already planning her first educational road trip to d.c. in january so that she can witness the inauguration of our first african-american president. (i’m practicing the power of positive thinking.)  now we’re just chillin’ together – she’s kicking and punching, and i’m nervously checking election results on cnn while i work on homework.

sigh.  i think i’m going to eat some ice cream.


3 Responses to “another first (warning, political opinions included…)”

  1. Moxie Says:

    What happened to Ohio? I’m so disappointed in those primary results. . .

  2. Randy Says:

    We (Steph and I) hope for the same outcome in November. Sorry things didn’t go as hoped in Ohio. Best wishes to the Fox family!

    Randy D.

  3. amy! we like obama, too, & are excited for the indiana primary in may.

    i missed you at molly’s shower today! i have a gift for you/baby fox! molly was feeling sick today… i hope you’re feeling well!


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