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21 weeks, 2 days February 7, 2008

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21 weeks, 2 days

Originally uploaded by amy joy

just over a week later, it keeps growing! again, horrible picture, but daniel’s babysitting and i just got home from class and wanted to get a shot before i change into my pj’s. also, note the new bob – i was going for a hilary swank cut, but ended up with more of a “mom” cut. (or so i’m told.)


7 Responses to “21 weeks, 2 days”

  1. skreened Says:

    she’s havin’ my bayba!

  2. Melissa Says:


    You look gorgeous! Yay for you two (three)

    Babysitting is in my future – and I LIKE that 🙂

    All the best 🙂


  3. molly Says:

    i love it, amy!!!

  4. MFEMFEM Says:

    Your hair looks good!You look really different with a stomch,since I have always seen without one. but it is great. Wish I could see you more often. Aunt MFEMFEM

  5. annette Says:

    Love the hair, and look how fast she is growing!
    I cant believe it! She is going to be here soon! 🙂

  6. Michelle & Chad Says:

    Wow! We’re so happy for you guys! Hope to see you soon!!

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