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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

babyface January 27, 2008

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Originally uploaded by amy joy

it’s a little blurry (no scanner in our house), but here it is – the profile of our baby girl! she doesn’t have a name yet, but i’ve been surprised at how much more bonded to her i feel now that we know what she is. at twenty weeks tomorrow, we’re halfway there, and it feels so much more real now – she has a spine! and a four-chambered, beating heart! and kidneys! and leg bones! and we saw them all!


One Response to “babyface”

  1. Moxie Says:

    She’s so freaking cute already. I can’t wait ’til my niece arrives! Sorry our conversation got cut off last night. Technology is not my friend at the moment. Much love to you guys!

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