joyful girl

we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

August 31, 2007

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every time i travel somewhere, my adrenalin starts to flow in the hours before leaving, and i get so excited i can’t stand it. granted, today we’re simply driving to indiana, so there’s a little less adrenaline than when i’m flying across the country, but i’m very excited to see my parents after a number of months, celebrate their birthdays, and have a THREE DAY WEEKEND. (the words “THREE DAY WEEKEND” always scream themselves with capital letters inside my head.”

in the meantime, however, there have been other things on my mind lately. sometimes i feel like my thoughts run in cycles, and the topic of racism is back on top this week. have you heard about the jena six, the six black teenagers in louisiana who are facing life in prison after beating up a white boy, which was essentially the result of racist actions by other white students in their school? take a look at the link. this afternoon i was listening to coverage of the 50th anniversary of the little rock central high school segregation, and it’s hard to believe that it seems little has changed in fifty years. any thoughts? how are you seeing racism in your own neighborhoods?


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