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tasty mexican food at nuestra cocina June 20, 2007

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tasty mexican food at nuestra cocina

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on friday night, we went to deb and nate’s favorite local restaurant, nuestra cocina, and you can see that we were happy to be there. i had pumpkin-filled enchiladas. yum!
i’ve gotten started on posting my pictures at my flickr site, but there are still more to go.

in the meantime, i’m taking a little break from studying for my final in psychological assessment. it’s tomorrow, and i can only miss three points and maintain my stellar GPA. really. i’ve always been good at school, but lazy, and i’m finally living up to my “academic potential,” so i’m trying to finish what i’ve started well.

i’ve also returned to “what is the what” after a little break. i feel like i’m learning about what is actually happening in the sudan, when it was all so vague before. next, i’ll have to learn about somalia – especially since i learned this week that columbus has over 45,000 somalis in residence. that’s bigger than my hometown.

time to study again. sweet dreams!


One Response to “tasty mexican food at nuestra cocina”

  1. kjames Says:

    pumpkin filled enchiladas! YUM! i need to try this place.

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