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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

are we in portland yet? June 13, 2007

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less than two days until we’re on our way to the northwest!  i could not be more ready for this trip, regardless of how short it will be.

exactly one week until the first summer session of school is over.  i really couldn’t be more ready for that.  life really is good these days, but aargh!  i can’t wait until the only daily responsibilities i have are my family and one job – no school, no internship, actual evenings in which to do fun things.  even some time to really clean the house would be nice.

really, i’m not complaining.  i’m just a bit stressed this summer.  i did get to read “life of pi” for book club, which was amazing.  it also had a huge taste of india in it, which served to make me homesick for mumbai and rickshaws, and tea time in the middle of the afternoon.  now i have to return to “what is the what,” which i picked for book club this month so that i have to make reading it a priority.

sigh.  i think i need to go to bed.  sweet dreams, dear ones!


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