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stream of thought… June 4, 2007

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we just got back from a church workshop on spiritual gifts. tonight was the third week of ten, and this mennonite girl who heard little mention of the holy spirit over the years is thoroughly enjoying it – almost as enjoyable has been our weekend, full of hanging out with new friends and old ones, relaxing, studying, painting, and watching a delightful hollywood/bollywood adaptation of “pride and predjudice” called “bride and predjudice.” rent it, or check it out from the library. even if you’re afraid of bollywood and spontaneous musical numbers, i’m willing to bet that you’ll like it. that one guy from “lost” (naveen andrews) is an important character, and rory from “gilmore girls” makes a couple of appearances.
in two weeks, we’ll be in portland. this is one of the primary things getting me through the craziness of summer term and psychological assessment. wonderful old friends, great hiking, a progressive city, mountains, forests, good coffee and a long plane ride. also, i’m sure there will be late nights with wine and tea and good conversations, and maybe even a few rounds of dutch blitz. i assure you, it’s very hard to beat that combination of lovely things.
today we went to a bowling birthday party for daniel’s little sister, megan. that girl is super-cool. how many 12 year olds do you know who get excited about a 21-tool survival knife? i love my sister-in-law!
i need to do my homework now.
sweet dreams!


2 Responses to “stream of thought…”

  1. nikkip Says:

    hi, amy. glad to read an update on your life. we should play dutch blitz together sometime. i miss you!

  2. maureen Says:


    i had my first dose of bollywood w/ ‘lagoon’. have you seen it? it’s really great. it’s also dr. zhivago long.


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