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if i can do this for 30 days, it might become a habit. June 4, 2007

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good morning! 

the question of the day is:  what are you looking forward to this week?

i’m excited about reading a couple of good books i have lined up. what is the what is starting out well, and i need to get into life of pi for book club on sunday. also, the good reads phenomenon is taking my social circle by storm, and i’m loving it. it’s kind of a myspace for geeks.

ok. time to work now. happy monday!


One Response to “if i can do this for 30 days, it might become a habit.”

  1. Moxie Says:

    I’m looking forward to Rod coming home on Thursday after a week away for dissertation research.

    I loved Life of Pi. I read it on the beach in Ecuador and could not put it down.

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