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good things afoot March 7, 2007

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i had a fantastic weekend in boston, and returned with a renewed sense of passion spiritually and concerning social justice.  thank goodness for house churches and underground hip hop shows!  it was also an excellent time with alice – it’s been amazing how much she’s grown into really using her gifts over the past couple of years.  i got to see a lot of her world, including a four hour mexican/venezuelan baby shower, which felt a lot like a wedding reception, but was super-fun, and included getting some teenaged boys to break into our van to retrieve the keys that were locked inside.

when i got home, daniel gave me the news that our furnace had been leaking carbon monoxide.  so, new furnace, and a carbon monoxide detector.  hopefully our heating bills will go down now.  there’s also the added bonus of not being at risk for dying in our sleep.

back to work.  how are your days?  also, does anyone know of good, local underground hip hop bands with a positive, empowering message?


2 Responses to “good things afoot”

  1. Ashley Says:

    you haven’t blogged in a while :(…but i just wanted to let you know the name of the book we were talking about in February. It’s called Self-Made Man by Norah Vincent…I haven’t finished it yet but I thought I would let you know since we were talking about it 🙂

  2. annettem Says:

    Amy, are you done with your blog? Just wondering you haven’t written in a while.


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