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March 1, 2007

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busy times here.  it’s been a strange week – there was a murder that has directly affected a lot of people i work with, i’ve been trying to get a felon arrested in two states, and one of my coworkers’ best friends died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 31.  so.  not a lot has been dramatic for me personally, but it seems like it’s  one of those times when the darkness in the world is just a little more stark.

on the bright side, i’m taking the day off on friday to go spend the weekend with alice in boston.  jetblue may have some questionable service lately, but their prices are hard to beat, so i’m going to spend the weekend with one of my closest friends, walking through the city, going to a pilates class(!), a baby shower for a streekid from venezuela, a hip-hop benefit show(!!) for women in prison(i think?), snuggling in bed with a couple of dogs, visiting a new house church and drinking lots of tea.  so, so lovely.

on that note, i’m going to get into my pajamas now and work my way through “friday night lights.”  sweet dreams, everyone!


4 Responses to “”

  1. zena Says:

    new house church? do tell.


  2. df Says:

    you know, with everything that’s being going on around us lately, i’m going to step in and clarify that your husband, daniel, me, blessed you and encouraged you to go have fun with an old friend. And for any suspicious onlookers, you’re not running away or going to explore alternative lifestyles.

    And the house church thing isn’t for Amy to switch to, its just Alice’s that she’ll be attending, again as far as i know.

    Wow, don’t i feel like the husband who comes into the hospital and insists “she fell down the stairs”.

    Any confirmation by my lovely wife that she’s not leaving me would be appreciated.

  3. Lara Says:

    Have fun. I *heart* Boston. 🙂

  4. zena Says:

    no suspicion on the house church deal, just curious…sorry to incur any panic 🙂


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