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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

January 29, 2007

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yesterday i took the day off from blogging, but it was nathalie’s birthday, and that definitely deserves a mention!  i would link to her new blog, but it’s super-secret now, so i won’t.  but i will tell you that nathalie has known me longer than most people, and has seen me at my best and worst.  i have a few friends who i am very proud of, and she is one of them.  when we were in high school together, she was going to be a brain surgeon, and i still believe she could have done it – she could do anything she decides to do.  after majoring in political science and communications, she decided to return to the medical field, doing grunt work as a nursing assistant at a hospital and volunteering for year at a hospice for homeless men with AIDS in d.c. before getting into medical school.  now she’s doing an emergency medicine residency at george washington university hospital (top emergency program in the country!) and is making a life for herself with her nearly equally brilliant husband in d.c.  but the best thing about nathalie isn’t her brain and hard work – it’s her commitment to her values, and her honesty, and the way she challenges the people she loves to be the best person they can be.  i’ve had some of my worst fights with her (because she held me accountable) and also my best memories.  nathalie was the one who got me through my wedding day stress overload, and we’ve shared a lot – high school crushes, our first job, a room in college, road trips…  i will always think of her when i hear the song “life is a highway.” 

 happy birthday, sister – i love you!


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  1. moxie Says:

    I thought is was “Life is a Highwayne” or was it a “Conway.” Those were the days. (-:

    Miss you!

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