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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

third week in January 23, 2007

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the semester is getting into full swing now, and i’m loving it, mostly.  i found out today that i can count some extra hours that it make it easier to finish my practicum in a semester, including the two hours of practicum class every week.  also, my practicum professor looks exactly like moby.  the funny thing is that i didn’t even notice until he was eating oranges this evening while we were listening to a guest speaker, and i started to wonder if he was a vegan (it was an absolutely thrilling presentation on proper documentation), and then i thought about the fact that moby is a vegan, and finally noticed that he looks just like moby, and that’s why he looked familiar.

yes, i am an amazing student.

in my second class tonight, we were bored to near tears during a lecture, acculturation and assimilation.  this is unfortunate, because i think the topics are important, and our professor is very nice and laid-back, and it wasn’t really her fault.  hopefully, diversity and multiculturalism will be more interesting next week.

it’s time for heroes now.


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