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pennsylvania creek January 23, 2007

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pennsylvania creek

Originally uploaded by amy joy.

i think i’ve posted this before on my old blog, but the cold weather makes me long for the days of running around in a sunsuit and splashing around.

on the bright side, this is a perfectly normal, no practicum day – i should actually get home soon after five, and have the chance to cook a real dinner. i want to get better at menu-planning/cooking. does anyone know of good resources for this?


2 Responses to “pennsylvania creek”

  1. annettem Says:

    When I see this picture I am reminded of how stunning beautiful you and your brother are. I can bet I am going to have some really adorable grandkids!


    I have tried menu?meal planning a few times, but always ge blogged down! It really does help to do it. It easier to plan maybe 2 or 3 days. I very well rember the days you spent spashing in the neighborhood creek and other good times we had.Your Aunt from MF

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