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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

foxboat.JPG January 21, 2007

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a week ago today, we went out on larry and jennifer’s boat in sarasota. this is grama and grampa. none of my own granparents are living anymore, and they really fill in that gap for me. we were in florida for grampa’s surpise 80th birthday party, which was lovely and a real tribute to a man who likes to have fun, loves to golf, and takes pride in his family. the party was planned by grama, who is one of the classiest women i know, and always takes the time to care about what is happening in our lives.

today, we’re back in columbus, and winter is finally here. really, all i want to do is stay in my pajamas where it’s warm, and clean the house really well. yesterday i had no motivation to do anything but sit around. i think i’m having a mild time of melancholy – nothing serious, but maybe it’s a sign that i should start working out again.

last night we went to see “apocolyto.” i’m really not sure if i’m glad we saw it or not. i’m having a hard time figuring out what the actual point of the movie is, and there were parts that i found very disturbing. has anyone else seen it?

stay warm today, dear ones!


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