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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

it’s snowing! (sort of) January 9, 2007

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good morning, dear ones!

i’m into work early this morning – trying to get into the swing of balancing my job with my practicum and school…i don’t have a lot of significance to write about, but my lovely mother-in-law has some good things to say about jesus, and ed and marcia just left cambodia, which they loved. i don’t really know ed and marcia, but i found his interesting blog after a trip to puerto vallarta, where they live. they’re currently on a three-month honeymoon through southeast asia, and if you have an interest in that part of the world, it’s good reading.

there are some fun, exciting things coming up for us, but some of those things involve surprises for people who may or may not read this, so i’ll wait to tell you. we are going to be seeing some sea and sunshine this weekend, and i’m super-excited about that.

time to work. happy tuesday!


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