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midweek hump January 3, 2007

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the cold i’ve been running from has finally caught up with me.  aargh.  at least my kind co-worker, wes, has been supplying me with cold drugs today.  now i just need to decide if i should risk going to bryden place tonight.  i want to go, but i don’t want to make anyone sick, or pick up something with my compromised immune system…

everyone is taking down their trees, but somehow i can’t bring myself to do the same until epiphany on the 6th.  my mom always kind of observed the holiday, so i think of it as the true end to the advent/christmas season…sometimes, we even got epiphany gifts, but i think that’s because mom liked the after-christmas sales…what about you?  does anyone else observe the coming of the wise men?


One Response to “midweek hump”

  1. Lara Says:

    I had a friend in high school whose mother/father would set up all their nativity sets early in December and baby Jesus would arrive on Christmas morning. Then the wise men would move all over the house… different places each morning… looking for the baby. They would arrive on Jan 6th for epiphany and the family would have a dinner together and then everyone would bring a gift to everyone else. Usually it was some form of art or music or something. The years I went to the celebration I think I sang a song or something. Anyway, really nice way to recognize the full extent of the Christmas season/advent.

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