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new, new, new January 2, 2007

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i’ve been needing something fresh, and blogger has been goofy lately, so….new year, new host! the old stuff is still here, as you can see, but isn’t the new grass pretty?

our new year’s eve was peaceful and lovely, until we got into a bit of a marital argument.  but that was quickly resolved, and we had new nice parties to share the evening with others.  now i’m back to work after a ten day break, and it’s actually been pretty good.  i only had two(!) voice mail messages when i got in this morning, and it’s my “cover day,” which means that i can’t leave the office, but also means that i get to catch up on everything.  and, since i was a busy beaver in december, i have little to catch up on.  i feel like i’m in the calm before the storm – for the past year, i’ve averaged about 22 cases/families at a time.  today i have 15, and it’s so, so nice.  i’m sure that i’ll get another 5 or so cases soon, but my goal is to really take advantage of this slower time – i’ll need it, as i’m starting my practicum soon and the semester begins next week…

everyone seems to be writing about their resolutions today.  i’m hesitant to do the same, because every year i’m full of a list of all of the ways i’m going to instill more discipline into my life, and it seems to be the same things each time.  for now, i’m sticking to the basics – going to the gym enough to justify keeping our ymca membership, more God, less television, more cooking at home, less spending, more community, less consumerism, more real reading, less movies…

on a lighter note, my big resolution is to take a trip out of the country this year. 

conversely, here are a few things i’ve been grateful for during the past year…

…the fact that the second year of marriage is somehow more fun than the first…

…our lovely housemate, julianna…

…a job that i like, with coworkers whom i like even more…

…old friends who love me and challenge me…

…new friends who are learning to love me and challenge me and give me a chance to know them…

…a church that i want to be at every week…

…two families who accept me for who i am…

…cheap flights from columbus…

…being within walking distance of the best library in the nation

…public radio…


it’s your turn now!


4 Responses to “new, new, new”

  1. df Says:

    my thanksfull list:

    My super-supportive wife who deals with long hours and being strapped for cash at times. (thats number 1 on the list for so many reasons)

    our housemate julianna for bringing life and company into our house.

    our church, who, through our awkward times, has a way of still drawing me back.

    our homegroup – it’s starting to take. my heart is warming.

    paul robinett – who’s business partnership has really helped charge the last few months of the year with regard to skreened.

    my king and my God, who loves me even when i’m scatterbrained, immature, absentminded, smack of arrogance and am self-focused. May there be no end to the increase of his government and peace in my life.

  2. njc Says:

    LOVE the new look. I’ve been toying with switching to wordpress. Is it hard? How about transferring the archives? How come the past couple of months didn’t transfer over for you?

  3. amyjoyfox Says:

    nathalie! it’s easy to switch. there is an option to import all of your posts from other blogs, including blogger, but it only works with the old posts, and not the blogger beta ones, which is why i have a gap.

  4. ncoeller Says:

    It won’t let me login with my old blogger ID and password (nor my new one for that matter). I’m crushed . . .I really like some of the features of wordpress.

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