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115694168845739885 August 30, 2006

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good morning, dear ones!
sometimes, i really like lists. there are so many lists i could share with you – the things i like about my neighborhood, good things about my job, cities in which i’d like to live, countries i would most like to visit, my to-do list for the day, ways to celebrate labor day weekend…i suppose all of that could be a little self-abosorbed, though. of course, most blogging is somewhat self-absorbed, so maybe i should just go with it.

instead, though, i’ll ask y’all for a list. i’ve been trying to find a good book to read before i go to bed, and i have little interest in the ones i already have. any suggestions? (i’m looking for smart fiction – nothing too dumb, but not too intense, either) i’m going to the library around lunch today. make my list for me, please!

happy wednesday!


5 Responses to “115694168845739885”

  1. bd Says:

    Ludlum’s classic Bourne trilogy. Smart, sophisticated.

  2. Karen Says:

    i really liked Ender’s Game and the other books in that group (trilogy? i’m not sure). it’s science fiction but REALLY good -even if you’re not into sci fi.

    i would however, like to read a list of things you like about your neighborhood. 🙂

  3. nikkip Says:

    the birth of venus is wonderful. i also recently enjoy dry. i think a may be a little late for your lunch library visit, though.

  4. Scott Sloan Says:

    Amy, If you like dogs and animals, I just ordered from the Library which I am going to pick up tonight.

    Marley and Me: Life and love of the world’s worst dog

  5. Andy Whitman Says:

    “Selected Stories” by Alice Munro. Smart and beautifully written. Plus, they’re all in 20 – 30 page bedtime-reading chunks.

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