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115609485547717199 August 20, 2006

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last night we went to the cheap movies with our little household family plus three. this is one of the funniest, most purely entertaining movies i’ve seen in a long time. i laughed a lot, and there is little in it to offend anyone, unless you’re bothered by the occasional on-screen fart.

this weekend was also our church’s women’s retreat. it was good – good teaching, good opportunities to talk with people i didn’t know before. it also deepened my longing for more true women friends here. i have amazing sister-friends, but most of them are in other places. but how do i get to make deeper friendships here between work and school and marriage? any and all suggestions would be appreciated. (don’t get me wrong – i’ve met some pretty incredible women. it’s just hard to be patient sometimes while new friendships grow.)

tomorrow a new boy starts on my team, and he’ll be shadowing me for four weeks solid. it should be interesting – i like to be independent and work on my own. this will be good for me. but wish me – and him – luck!


2 Responses to “115609485547717199”

  1. Cowells Says:

    When it comes to films, I can handle graphic violence, crude cursing and and offensive sacrilege. But flatulence? No way Jose. Thanks for the warning so I know to skip this one.


  2. nikkip Says:

    i LOVED nacho libre! i can’t wait to take my daughers to see it. you’re right that there’s nothing offensive in it.

    as far as fostering friendships, i think that if it’s really important to you, you should schedule it into your life. but believe me, i understand that feeling of waiting for a new friendship to grow.

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