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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

115524139315326570 August 10, 2006

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so i thought that a break from school would give me lots of time to blog. however, it seems that it’s easy to fill up my time with other fun things, such as…
…serving dinner at the family homeless shelter with my home group and finding one of my old families living there.
…having dinner and playing settlers of catan with my high school english teacher and his lovely wife.
…giving the dog a bath after she escaped from the backyard and came home smelling grosser than pretty much anything i’ve ever smelled.
…trying in vain to find the spot from which the dog escaped.
…making an educated guess – based on the flattened plants – that she actually scooched herself under the fence – the very same fence that has contained her for the past year and a half.
…watching an entire season of a sitcom that i never cared about before.
…reading a christian novel that is not written and exposes the evils of the gaming industry and virtual reality. (i know, i know!)
…planning a trip to my FIRST-EVER OHIO STATE FAIR with my team at work.
…changing my name.
…obtaining financial aid for this semester.
…making the best barbeque tofu pizza ever for our household dinner night.
…spending time with my dear husband, who is on the verge of making this business really work.

that is all.


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