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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

114729133695678316 May 10, 2006

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let’s just say it’s been a pretty crazy day – but the kind of day that makes me feel like a real social worker. at least i can relax tonight – watch alias, maybe do some reading, maybe crochet a little. i’m starting to work on little, funky crochet projects, and it’s fun to see things get done quickly. does anyone want to buy a baby hat or wallet? or maybe a laptop cozy?

i’ve been dreaming a lot about changing the world lately. but now i have to get back to work.


2 Responses to “114729133695678316”

  1. chelsea Says:

    how much are you going to sell your baby hats for? i have a bunch of friends pregnant. 🙂 i LOVED the one you made for me!

  2. Andrew from Elkhart Says:

    Hey I hope you’ll bring your crocheting stuff to DC — I used to know how but I’ve forgotten. I’d love to have you re-teach me!

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