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114545203651244846 April 19, 2006

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i try not to blog about television, but i have to say that i’m super-excited that “alias” is returning tonight with the big “two-hour alias event”…i’m a pacifist, but wow – that show makes me want to be an uber-cool spy girl who can take out ten bad guys without a weapon, and who gets to travel around the world in a private jet at a moment’s notice, and who can speak the most obscure languages fluently, all while wearing great disguises.
that is all about television.

in real life, i am tired of blogging about myself and my activities all the time. i think (hope) i used to be less self-centered. of course, i know that a lot of my family reads this specifically for the purpose of hearing about daniel and i and our activities, so i won’t stop that, but i would like to have a bit more discussion of justice issues, spiritual issues, etc. hmm…maybe a “current event wednesday”? yes, i like it! please be aware that i know most of you have differing political opinions than i do. that is wonderful. if i give my opinion about something, i certainly don’t think i have the ultimate answer (a lot of you are smarter than me), but it’d be great if we could have a little dialogue…

so, today’s issue is……

immigration reform!

i’ve been listening to all of the news of demonstrations, etc., regarding immigration in the past few weeks, and i’ve been a little uncertain of what to think. it’s in my nature to want to allow anyone who wants to come to the u.s. come, and be welcomed. i love going to the store and hearing different languages, and seeing different types of garb. i want our children to be part of a community where they are not necessarily in the cultural or ethnic majority. but i had to wonder if immigration really does negatively impact the economy and make things more difficult for the poor who are already here. in fact, it seems that economics is the most referenced issue i’ve heard given for curbing immigration. but, did you know that immigrants actually add ten billion dollars to the u.s. economy annually? and that our own international economic policies have actually caused more immigration?

tell me what you think.


3 Responses to “114545203651244846”

  1. Annette Says:

    I am a lot like you when it comes to cultural diversity, I love it. The more people I meet who come from different backgrounds the more enriched I feel. I love meeting and learning new things from people around the world.

    But I have problems with ILLEGAL immigration.

    When I looked into the issues of “illegal legal aliens” those who came here illegially but were allowed to work here and pay taxes, I was shocked to find out that if employees who hire illegal alien do not report them, and allow them to work on their farms or whatever, the employers are allowed to tax the immigrant 28% of their pay, which I think stinks too, because what becomes of a paycheck with basically minimum wage taxed at 28%?
    The employer is getting away with basically free labor.

    Thats why I think there should be more concentration on immigration reform laws.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I love the idea of “current events Wednesdays!”

    To quote Amy, “i love going to the store and hearing different languages, and seeing different types of garb. i want our children to be part of a community where they are not necessarily in the cultural or ethnic majority.” That is exactly how I feel. And we have to remember that it wouldn’t be easy to move to another country from your home; I don’t have the courage to do so (though I wish I did). I think Annette points out the acutal problem–there needs to be reform in working with employers who hire undocumented immigrants and make them pay their workers.

    Thanks for letting me put in my two cents! Kate

  3. Ambivalent Andrew Says:

    Hey, Amy,
    I’ve been meaning to post a reply since Wed. Not surprisingly, I have mixed feelings. The xenophobia so prevalent here in northern Indiana really bothers me, but I don’t have a fundamental problem with a nation securing its borders. I think most people who want to put up a wall really just want to keep Latinos and other non-Anglos out, but there is the problem of potential terrorists sneaking in through our porous borders (though to date it hasn’t resulted in a successful terrorist attack. The 9/11 bombers did not cross over our northern or southern borders).

    I found out recently that one of my distant ancestors — a guy named Moses Cleaveland who came to the USA several hundred years ago — came illegally. At least that’s according to a commentator at Here’s the specific link:

    It’s a great example of caution for those who would throw the first stone.

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