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114539364153626473 April 18, 2006

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as promised, here’s a shot of the most incredible easter basket ever.
and then there’s erica, one of my several sister-friends. she’s moving to seattle in a few weeks, and came to spend the weekend with us first. when i lived in cincinnati, i spent most easters with her family. this time, it was her turn.

on saturday afternoon, erica and i took the dogs and the girls to the park. best. weather. ever.


6 Responses to “114539364153626473”

  1. njc Says:

    wow. that’s quite a basket.

  2. arose Says:

    oh, i like you folks. i wish i could’ve spent easter with you. this country is big in a nice way, but sometimes too big.

  3. Annette Says:

    OK, that is the coolest grown up easter basket ever! I love it! Good Job, Dano! I remember your sweet friend Erica from the wedding, and look at those girls! How they’ve grown!

  4. Sara Says:

    I want that Easter basket, how cool!!!! What a sweet thing to do, three cheers for Dan!

    Love the idea by the way (the top entry) of a discussion on wednesdays! Don’t feel bad blogging about yourself, thats what most are for. 🙂

    Sending Love your way…

  5. elle & josh Says:

    amy & erica! such beautiful girls! i love the picture. & miss you both.

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