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114529931437153684 April 17, 2006

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yesterday morning daniel woke me up like it was christmas – and for good reason, since he had created the most incredible, deatailed easter basket i’ve ever seen! i have a picture, but that will need to wait until our home internet connection gets strong. it was a huge, flatish brown basket (sitting on our new dining room table) filled with moss, ceramic dishes, ceramic fish, candles, two matching wooden boxes, yellow roses and lots of every variety you can imagine of hershey kisses. this is definitely an easter tradition i want to keep!
after starting on the chocolate, erica (our amazing friend who was in town for the holiday) and i had some hot cross buns from sharon, then we went to church and afterwards had a nice, relaxed afternoon with the otterbein side of the family. my mother-in-law and her husband know how to make the best holiday comfort food ever, and never pressure us to do anything but relax. overall, it was a great easter.

more coming soon, including pictures of the wonderful abby and nora bell, the tulips in our front yard, and – of course – the incredible, edible easter basket.

happy monday!


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