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114461279180901848 April 9, 2006

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our internet is down, so i’m at the library sending in an assignment for school. it’s hard to believe that there are only 2 1/2 weeks left in the semester. soon i’ll be starting my summer classes – abnormal psychology and diagnosis of mental disorders. yay for learning how to label people! actually, i’m very excited about these classes – they’re kind of the meat of the mental health field, and it should be pretty intriguing.

this has been a fantastic weekend after a very long and draining week. last night we went to see invisible children, which is a must-see if you at all want to care about what is happening in the world. afterwards, we had indian food with some new friends from church, and had a great service this morning. yesterday i got two major pieces of news:
1. my brother is moving back to indiana.
2. my uncle was found dead in his house this week after several days. if you’re the praying type, please pray for my cousin, greg. he lost his mother to leukemia as a teenager, his brother (my cousin michael) a couple of months ago to a weak heart, and now his father. he’s not married, and has no other immediate family. we’re not very close, but this has to be a really difficult time for him.

i’m ready for the dying and sickness to stop. thank God for resurrection. i have a feeling easter is going to take on an even deeper meaning this year. it’s also going to take on a spirit of surprise and treats for my household members and guests (that should motivate any of you who are thinking of making the trip here next weekend…).

there is a new bus system in columbus, which a friend of mine referred me to after hearing an npr story. apparently a british bus line is trying out the midwest market, and columbus is one of the cities – with fares starting as low as $1.50, and seeming to average $8-11 each way, we can travel to indianapolis, chicago, st. louis, minneapolis and other cities. it looks pretty cool – anyone up for a super-cheap trip to chi-town?

time to check out the movie section and head home. it’s too beautiful to be outside today.


2 Responses to “114461279180901848”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I took an abnormal psych class and I loved it!

    Some of the people in class actually started to diagnos themselves. Pretty interesting.

  2. Byrde Says:

    yes, yes! come for a super-cheap trip to chi-town. i’d love to see you, and you can diagnose all my abnormal psychoses. 🙂

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