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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

113849864248117333 January 28, 2006

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yesterday was bekah’s birthday. happy birthday, dear friend! since i met bekah when i first moved to columbus, i have found a good friend – she’s the kind of girl who makes it a point to keep in touch, and sends sweet emails and voice messages. she’s also a social worker, and is planning to become a therapist. she’s smart and funny, and always has a fashionable haircut. you rock, bekah!!

today is nathalie’s birthday. while bekah is one of my newer friends, nathalie is one of my oldest. i can go for weeks without talking to her, but always know she’s my sister. she’s truly one of the smartest women i know. we used to dream together of great careers and wonderful husbands. now she’s a doctor who is going to change the world, and has one of the coolest marriages around. she’s doing her residency in d.c., and has a passion for people who are looked over by the rest of society. she lives true to her convictions, and my life is better for knowing her. i love you, nathalie.

in more mundane matters, i have the house to myself this weekend, with daniel having been in orlando on business since wednesday. i miss him! but he comes home tomorrow, and then we get to hang out with julianna, our potential housemate. we’ve always talked about wanting to have people live with us, and now may be the time. we don’t really know juli, but she’s from muncie and comes highly recommended. she’s moving to columbus for a year to work with americorps. we haven’t made a commitment on either end, but i have a feeling this could be the start of something good…


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