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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

113752616803722164 January 17, 2006

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happy belated martin luther king, jr. day! i had great ideas for posting something truly insightful and relevant yesterday. alas, i didn’t have the day off of work, and got caught up in everyday living.
when i was a junior at taylor, i took an intensive january class on the civil rights movement. we watched all eight hours of “eyes on the prize,” complete with really great original footage and intense supplementary readings. that class was pivotal for me, and likley contributed to the fact that it’s vital for me to live in a neighborhood that’s racially and economically diverse. i’d like to see “eyes on the prize” again – maybe it would give me a kick in the pants. because, really, aside from choosing to live in our neighborhood, what am i doing to fight against racism and poverty? sadly, very little.

speaking of our neighborhood, we have new friends! actually, daniel has an old friend who got married about six months before we did. now she and her husband live a few blocks down the street, and are attending our new church. they came over to hang out and play games on sunday evening, and let me just tell you that this feels like the beginning of a lifelong relationship. yay for neighbors who are also friends!

our new church is also very exciting. we love, love, love our family at the landing place, but the change was necessary for a number of reasons. and it’s been so good and hopeful. this is a place we’re planning to stay, as long as we stay in columbus. that’s a good feeling.

in other news, i got seasons one and two of alias with christmas gift cards. now i have a secret fantasy life in which i’m not actually a pacifist, but a super-fit, multilingual spy. fun stuff! would anyone be willing to loan us season three?

happy tuesday!


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  1. i’ve been a closet alias fan since the beginning! sadly, this season isn’t that great…and will soon be going off the air.

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