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113470325808622627 December 15, 2005

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the first semester of my graduate career is officially over, and i think (hope) that i just might make it onto the dean’s list, thanks to acing a test and my final paper tonight…i have that hyper kind of energy that comes with finals week and the last day of school and the anticipation of only NINE MORE DAYS UNTIL WE GO ON VACATION! there’s still a lot to do at work, but i’m feeling ever-so-energized right now…

…right now (this very minute), my lovely husband is mamking me a pair of shoes for the above-mentioned vacation. i wanted these or these, but since they’re a little out of our budget and my lovely husband has a need and ability to make anything and everything, i’m getting my very own custom-made hybrid shoes! oh, he’s also getting a dressform for christmas. seriously, the man can make anything.

ok. this girl is tired. i’ll leave you with a question of the day:

what one holiday from another culture would you most like to observe?

comment below.


5 Responses to “113470325808622627”

  1. Fred Johnson Says:

    Can I be a smartaleck and say festivus?

  2. Annette Says:

    Congratulations on finishing the first semester! I bet you do make the dean’s list, you are so smart!

    I’m very proud of you!

    Btw, love the shoes!

  3. Sharon Bell Says:

    The second pair are THE BOMB! We should have your husband give a presentation at the next Beaver meeting!

  4. Sara Says:

    Congrats on surviving your first semester and being such a good student! Way to go, that’s got to feel good to have it done and under your belt.

    Enjoy your holiday! 🙂

  5. Anonymous Says:

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