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113202135245037906 November 14, 2005

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i feel like there is so much to look forward to right now, and it’s all swirling around in random, happy thoughts tonight…

on friday, alice flies into town, and she, daniel and i get to road trip to indy for the big elle and josh party. i love weddings, especially when they bring together lots of beautiful people whom i’ve missed for too long. i love that we get a little extra time with alice, too. maybe if we get tired of playing and talking, we’ll find time to see some johnny cash. or maybe we’ll have too much fun talking, and just go see it next week.

in just over a week, we’re off to indiana for thanksgiving with my family. hurrah! matthew will be there, and it’ll be our one time together as an immediate family all year. i love thanksgiving. i also love that mom and dad have moved back to goshen, and i get to show daniel where i grew up. i love that we have a four day weekend, and i love that the holidays are here! oh – we might even get to shoot clay pigeons on an amish farm. i hate guns on principle, but i think i can justify shooting something that’s not alive and is biodgradable…i love my family.

i had my first eggnog latte of the season on saturday night, thanks to bekah. hurrah for eggnog!

have you noticed that i’m full of love tonight?

i’ve been reading a really great book, which has reminded me why i love reading. thanks, molly, for the recommendation.

i might be joining a book club soon. i’ve always wanted to do that.

yesterday we heard a cuban preacher who has possibly the all-time best belly laugh i’ve ever heard from the pulpit – particularly coming from a man who was drafted into castro’s army at the age of 15. i hope i can keep my joy like that.

time to play with my pets and my husband. g’night!


2 Responses to “113202135245037906”

  1. Sara Says:

    I hope you have a great time, I love weddings, road trips and family. Sounds like quite the time. Have a safe happy trip and let me know how that movie is, I’m dying to see it!

  2. Jeni Says:

    How I wish I could see you guys while you’re in Indy or Goshen (we’ll be both places, too)…I’d love for you to meet my babies and I’d love to see you again.

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