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113172102269834122 November 11, 2005

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quite possibly every other children’s services agency in the u.s. has a three-day weekend for veteran’s day. we, however, get to go to a madatory team-building day at the park. hmm. we’re all wearing our matching agency t-shirts, and i’m about to go home to pick up a crock pot full of the black bean chipotle chili that my supervisor ordered me to make because she loves it. i’m also picking up dutch blitz because we’re supposed to “bring your favorite game.” ah, the glory of teambuilding…


2 Responses to “113172102269834122”

  1. yummmm…black bean chipotle chili sounds yummy! you should put the recipe on your blog so that some day in a streak of domestic madness I might be tempted to try making it 🙂


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I second the post-your-recipe motion!

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