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113098314384367491 November 2, 2005

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in the aftermath of hurricanes and earthquakes and supreme court nominations, the bombings in delhi that killed over 500 people last weekend have resulted in surprisingly few new stories – or at least it was hard to find anything substantial when i did an internet search. but delhi has been on my mind. i passed through the city twice, just before christmas four years ago. amy rose had come to visit me in india for a month before i came home, we were taking a little journey north to the himalayan foothills.

our time in delhi was short but lovely – we stayed with geeta and her family and rode on bicycle rickshaws. i remember thinking that delhi felt a little like d.c., with wide boulevards, lots of trees and solid government buildings. i wondered if all national capitals feel the same. amyrose and i went to some cute tourist marketplace (i still wear the scarf i bought there) and i have to wonder if it’s still standing. nevertheless, i’ll keep picturing the wide boulevards and bicycle rickshaws.

in happier news, i’m going to be in a training the next two days, which means that i don’t have to go into the office on my birthday. hooplah! and, on friday, i get to go to indiana for a bachelorette/slumber party of a dear friend who just moved back from seattle. double hooplah!

i have good friends and family. thank you. you know who you are.


3 Responses to “113098314384367491”

  1. arose Says:

    i just saw a scarf that reminded me of yours yesterday. let’s go again. this weekend, maybe. i’ll buy you a ticket for your birthday.

    happy birthday. i can’t stop saying it! happy birthday!

  2. Annette Says:

    happy birthday Amy!

    Let me know when you and Dan are free so we can have your birthday dinner!

    Love you


  3. priscilla Says:


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