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it’s a boy! October 23, 2005

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meet sufjan. since we couldn’t keep frankie, we adopted him instead. he came with the name “bigglesworth,” but somehow i couldn’t keep calling him that. so, sufjan it is. we didn’t plan to get a new animal today, but after visiting a new church, we stopped by petsmart and ended up filling out an application and interviewing on the spot. i think he likes us, or he will when he stops hissing at blaze. welcome home, kitty!


3 Responses to “it’s a boy!”

  1. Annette Says:

    He is just beautiful. Congratulations.


  2. priscilla Says:

    oh my word! sufjan is SOOO cute. i wanna nab him! congratulations!

  3. ok, so how do you say “sufjan”? i even have 2 of his c.d.s and still haven’t figured it out. i hope sufjan is tough enough to teach blaze to leave him alone 🙂

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