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weekend October 22, 2005

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there are certain people in this world who bring a certain level of comfort and rest – people who don’t care if you’re tired or not very entertaining, or don’t mind if you just wear your pajamas. molly and erica are two of those people for me. they made a little road trip to spend the night and day with us, and it was so, so lovely! last night, daniel’s friend matt crashed on our couch, too, so it’s been a weekend of old friends. he took off for a wedding today, but molly, erica, daniel and i took off to wholly craft (my favorite new store) to buy crafty things, and then to north market for lunch and the farmer’s market. sometimes it’s easy to overlook what columbus has to offer when i miss the hills and diversity of cincinnati, or the chaos of mumbai. but today was a good day.

my lovely sister-in-law, ashley, got accepted to otterbein college. way to go, ash!

i’m very sleepy. g’night.


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