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family portrait, circa 1980 August 30, 2005

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fmaily portrait, circa 1980
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sometimes birthdays come in pairs. you’re likely to reading this on tuesday, the birthday of my lovely mother, joy louise yoder eversole. isn’t she cute? just as my dad taught me a lot, mom did, too. mom read out loud to us, and created little family traditions like making doughnuts when the first snow came. she taught me to stick to my convictions, and to not care about what the world thinks. mom has a knack for attracting people who need someone to talk to and find her to be a good listener. i’d like to think that i share that trait. she did her best to teach me to be responsible – to keep my room clean and to peel potatoes and to grow a garden. (i’m still working on those things.) when my parents came to visit us at our new house this spring, mom spent most of her time pulling weeds and simply doing things that need to be done. she taught me to serve others without complaining. she taught me to take walks for pleasure. she taught me to look for bargains and shop at thrift stores whenever possible. she makes the best broccoli salad ever, and she committed a huge portion of her life to putting the needs of our family before her own. i love you, mom!


One Response to “family portrait, circa 1980”

  1. Debby Says:

    What a beautiful heartfelt tribute to your mother. You are very blessed.
    Debby(Kerri’s Mom)

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