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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

112537234167029397 August 29, 2005

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the great thing about getting married on september 4 is that we’ll always have a three-day weekend to celebrate our anniversary. tonight, the wonderful husband pricelined a fabulous hotel for a weekend in toronto.

“what are you doing this weekend?”
“oh, we’re just leaving the country for a few days.”

happy first anniversary to us! i’ll save the reflections on being married for a year for later.

when did priceline become a verb?

in honor of our anniversary week, take note of how cute daniel and i were when we first met each other (upper right of the page). super-blaze will return soon.


One Response to “112537234167029397”

  1. df Says:

    priceline became a verb when they gave us a 4 star hotel for 69 bucks a night. woot.

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